Monday, February 1, 2010


Nashville has received quite a bit of snow recently, 6-10 inches to be exact. Because we hardly see this much snow in these parts, it sort of felt like the entire city was on vacation for a few days; people were staying off the roads, there were throngs of folks at the park sledding and such, and everyone was just having a great time and enjoying their community. Well, apparently snow also brings photographers together as my good photo friends Andrew and Jenilee and I got together a few times to take advantage of the rare scenery. (My new profile photo was taken by Jenilee, thanks Jenilee!)

The Villa guys.

I dragged Jenilee's roommate Melissa into a few shots.

Mark looking dapper as always.

Rachel couldn't decide how she felt about the snow...



Green Bag Lady Teresa said...

Little Red Riding Hood is my FAV. :)

david said...

the black and white one of mark is top notch. cheers.